Frequently asked questions about the Speed Test and understand its result:

The test will accurately measure the data transfer speed of the optical fiber and Wifi, informing if the current band is in accordance with the contracted speed.

Before measuring your connection, follow these tips to make the result as accurate as possible:

Test on a computer connected to the Internet using a network cable. (Recommended)

On Wifi, approach the router or access point.

Connect directly to the provider's input.

Close all programs and applications.

Stop updates

Repeat the test.

Take the test now!

Download represents the maximum speed in Mbps that your device can receive from the Internet in a given second. The higher the result, the better.

Upload represents the maximum speed of data that your device can send to the Internet in a given second. The higher the result, the better.

This action is very simple, takes a few seconds and can greatly improve your experience with the internet. To know your mega internet, just click on Start and wait for the test result.

Connection tests are useful to find out how many mega are coming to your device, check if your service is underperforming and can also solve problems on the network.

If the Internet test results are much lower than what you are paying, call your Internet service provider to see if they can help you solve the problem.

The Speed Test is the best and one of the most used in the world. It is a free online service based on the Ookla speedometer. Our website is certified with the same technology for you to get the best result!

We are frequently testing and checking the quality of our meter. Speedtest is reliable and well known for being used by broadband Internet technicians.


The best way to know if you are getting the speed you have hired is to take a test to measure the quality of the Internet.

But it is important to follow some tips so that the result is as accurate as possible.

Fixed broadband

For best results, connect your device directly to the modem with a network cable and end other programs except the test.

There are oscillations on the Internet, so you should take the test two to three times to get an accurate average. (Recommended)

Wifi, 3G and 4G

First, close all applications to ensure that nothing influences the result. If using a Wi-Fi connection, move closer to the router or access point.

Make sure no one is using the internet and repeat the test to get an accurate average.

Does your internet have the ideal speed for each activity?


10 Mbps

• Watch HD quality content

• Navegação, YouTube e streaming

• Good for 1-2 people


25 Mbps

• Ultra HD Streaming

• Games Online

• Good for 2-4 people


40+ Mbps

• Streaming multiple programs in HD

• Simultaneous films

• Ideal for more than 4 people

Make a test available on your provider, website or blog

With the meter, you can provide a more complete analysis of your users' connection quality.
In addition to speed measurement, users can also obtain parameters with jitter and latency.

O aplicativo possui um design responsivo, podendo se ajustar a diferentes partes do seu site.

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